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So, you want to make your WordPress site pop with some awesome galleries, right? And not just any gallery – we’re talking about how to create a lightbox gallery in wordpress.

You know, where you click on a picture and it appears bigger on screen, in a beautiful display without leaving the page? That’s what we’re going to explain in this article!

Why Lightbox is so Important for Your Galleries

Enhance your WordPress galleries with a lightbox effect to display your images more professionally. It’s perfect for showing off your photos, artwork, or even your products in a way that’s super engaging.

Plus, it makes is very easy for your visitors to share and download your images. If you’re a photographer or run an online store, this is the coolest thing for your images!

Envira Gallery

Alright, let’s get down to business. We’re going to use Envira Gallery because it’s user-friendly and super versatile.

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Install and activate Envira Gallery. If you’re scratching your head over this, no worries – there’s a handy guide on installing WordPress plugins.

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Create Your Gallery: Jump into ‘Envira Gallery’ » ‘Add New’ on your dashboard. Name your gallery and start uploading those stunning images of yours.

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Make It Yours: Once your images are up, you can add captions, choose how they’re displayed, and really make the gallery feel like part of your site.

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Lightbox Time: Head over to the ‘Lightbox’ tab. Turn it on and play around with the settings to get the look and feel just right.

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Show It Off: Hit ‘Publish’, and then add your shiny new gallery to a post or page with the Envira Gallery block. Easy peasy!

Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

This plugin also got a premium version that brings more amazing features. Check it out HERE.

Other Plugins to Create a Lightbox Gallery in WordPress

Not sold on Envira Gallery? No problem! Here are a couple more options to check out:

NextGEN Gallery stands out as the most downloaded photo gallery plugin for WordPress, boasting over 32 million downloads. It’s designed to manage, display, proof, and sell photos like a pro, now including automated print fulfillment.

User Experience: One user shared their journey of switching from Envira Gallery to NextGEN. Initially hesitant due to past negative reviews about speed, they found that NextGEN dramatically outperformed their previous choice. The switch was prompted by the slow loading times of Envira, especially with Masonry gallery pages, which could take over 30 seconds to load.

Performance: Upon installing NextGEN Pro, the user experienced immediate improvements without any settings adjustments. Galleries that previously took over 20 seconds to load in Envira were loading instantly in NextGEN. This significant speed improvement led to the user converting over 30 photo galleries from Envira to NextGEN on their event site.

Support and Features: The user also highlighted the efficient support from NextGEN, with queries being answered within a few hours. The plugin is highly recommended for its speed, features, and ease of setup.

FooGallery is a user-friendly and responsive WordPress gallery plugin. It offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of galleries on a WordPress site. Key features of FooGallery include:

  1. Responsive Design: The galleries created with FooGallery are fully responsive, ensuring they look great on all devices.
  2. Retina Ready: It supports high-resolution displays, making images sharp and clear on retina and other high-resolution screens.
  3. Gallery Templates: Users can choose from a variety of gallery templates to suit their style and needs.
  4. Drag and Drop Reordering: This feature allows easy organization and arrangement of images within a gallery.
  5. Albums Built In: FooGallery includes built-in album functionality, enabling users to create albums containing multiple galleries.
  6. Lazy Loading: This feature helps in optimizing the loading times of images, improving the performance of the website.
  7. Simple Pagination: FooGallery supports simple pagination for galleries, making it easier to manage and navigate large collections of images.
  8. Custom CSS: Users can add custom CSS to galleries for further customization and styling.
  9. Video Support: The plugin supports the inclusion of videos in galleries, enhancing the multimedia experience.
  10. Extensions: FooGallery offers various extensions for additional functionalities, such as custom branding, cube effect, lightbox, and more.
  11. Multisite Support: It is compatible with WordPress multisite installations.
  12. Translation Ready: The plugin is ready for translation, making it accessible to a global audience.

FooGallery is designed to be both powerful and easy to use, catering to both beginners and advanced users. It aims to provide a seamless gallery creation experience without compromising on features or performance.

Modula Image Gallery is a user-friendly and powerful WordPress gallery plugin that allows users to create stunning, responsive galleries with ease. It is designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring that it doesn’t slow down your website. With Modula, you can create galleries that look great on all devices, thanks to its responsive design.

Key features of Modula include:

  1. Custom Grids: Users can customize the size of the gallery images and the appearance of the gallery grid without any coding skills.
  2. Gallery Filters: This feature allows users to categorize their images and let visitors filter through the gallery based on these categories.
  3. Hover Effects: Modula offers a variety of hover effects to make the galleries more interactive and visually appealing.
  4. Lightbox Gallery: The plugin supports lightbox galleries, enabling users to view images in a full-screen, immersive mode.
  5. Video Support: Users can create galleries that include both images and videos, offering more versatility in content presentation.
  6. Easy to Use: Modula prides itself on its user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create and customize galleries.
  7. Performance-Focused: The plugin is optimized for speed, ensuring that galleries load quickly and efficiently.

Modula is suitable for photographers, bloggers, businesses, or anyone looking to showcase images or videos in a beautiful and professional manner on their WordPress site. It offers a range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their galleries to their specific needs and preferences.


Adding a gallery with a lightbox effect to your WordPress site is a fantastic way to elevate the visual appeal and engagement of your website. Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, a collection of products, or just sharing memories, the lightbox effect adds a professional and interactive touch to your images.

With tools like Envira Gallery and other alternatives like NextGEN Gallery and FooGallery, the process is not only straightforward but also offers a range of customization options to suit your specific needs. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with these lightbox galleries, your images can tell an even more compelling story.

So go ahead, give your WordPress site a visual boost, and enjoy the enhanced experience it brings to you and your visitors.

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